Our History

Who we are


Mr.Bhimji Bhai, who is the founder of the company, he has worked in crystal kitchenware. Crystal kitchenware were making surgical knife at that period of time. Mr.Bhimji Bhai Vadiya was a manager in the company. He thought rather working for this company, it is better to start our own company. So in 1998, he started the company with two partners, the one who is master in making of dyes of kitchenware products. His name is Hansaraj Vora. Second one is Hansraj Patel who deals with making gas lighters; he knows very well how to make quality lighters .At that time the gas lighters demand were very high, and the competition was less. Mr.Bhimji Vadiya handles the marketing area. With mere RS 50000/- he started the business. Company was getting into debts; company had started to borrow money from financial institution on 4% of interest. The situation was worsening and the company had to borrow funds to repay the interest amount on the loans previously borrowed. But gradually company came out of this and started making profits. Now the company sells all over India.


Decent Appliances are manufacturers of kitchenware products. They mainly focus on knives and stainless steel products. From the beginning company had started to sell its products in Gujarat, after a decade it had its roots spread all over India. At initial stage the company was manufacturing only gas lighter but after the constant R&D, now the company is diversified in variety of products. Right from the inception of the company in 1998 they have been committed to provide their consumers with quality kitchenware products that are modular, compact, easy to operate and breathtakingly beautiful with the knowledge and strict quality measures of the company they make sure that each product is fabricated with the best possible quality. The marketing and other wings of the company with their hard work and sharp marketing intelligence help the company in achieving newer heights and goals.