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Cast Iron kadai Benefits
Below are seven benefits of using a cast-iron kadai.

1. Nonstick
There are plenty of benefits of a cast iron kadai. For starters, once your cast iron kadai has a nice sheen to it, it’s basically nonstick. That means you can cook with less oil, which means it’s a health bonus!

2. Chemical-Free
Another one of the benefits of cast iron cookware is that they are chemical-free. So they are a great alternative to nonstick kadai since most contain perfluorocarbons, which is a chemical linked to cancer, developmental problems, liver damage, and more.

3. Long Life Span
Cast iron cookware has a long life span as well. Many people still use cast iron kadai inherited from their parents or grandparents.

4. Adds Iron To Your Food
Possibly one of the greatest cast iron kadai health benefits is that it adds iron to your food. Many people suffer from iron deficiency, and cooking with cast iron kadai can help increase your iron content by as much as 20 times!

5. Use In The Stove And Oven
They are dual purpose. Not only can you use them on the stove, but you can also use them in the oven at any temperature.

6. Easy to Clean
One of the most popular benefits of cast iron kadai is that they are easy to clean. They don’t require soap and food lifts off the kadai easily.

7. Less Expensive
Cast iron cookware is often less expensive than stainless steel. So if you’re looking to replace a kadai, be sure to check out cast iron skillets. Not only will you save a buck, but you’ll also gain some benefits of cast iron cooking.


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